SEO Symposium 2017 – White Hat VS Black Hat SEO Symposium 2017
You know those "top level" white hats and anonymous black hats who make (some of them) $$ millions per year... hacking Google, Facebook and Youtube?... well I invited them all to a one time only conference!

  • Network with *TOP-SECRET* White Hats and Black Hats in one UNIQUE SEO conference! Knowing these experts puts you on another level!
  • Learn the hush-hush tactics they use to make hundreds of thousands to millions $$$ (yes I said millions) per year! ** YOU can too! **
  • GET ANSWERS: in our Mastermind and Extended Q&A! Our rare gurus will answer YOUR questions in person or on stage. Ask us ANYTHING -- they will completely spell it out for you!
  • Go DEEPER and LEARN MORE than you EVER knew was possible!...

This event will change your game!

Welcome to the first ever White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Symposium!

The Time:

Mastermind Event: August 27

2 Day conference: August 28-29

The Place:

The beautiful Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour hotel
In the gorgeous town of Victoria BC Canada

The Event:

1 Insane White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Mastermind − Aug 27th 5pm-9pm

2 days Conference: Aug 28-29 9am-5pm

Your Hosts:

Josh Bachynski

White Hat Host

Holly "Greeny" Starks

Black Hat Host

You'll never get a group of Unique Experts like THIS at any other conference!

Are you ready to finally discover the SEO secrets that NOBODY talks about at "other" SEO conferences?

If you've ever been frustrated by other SEO events and their boring and generic training sessions, then this conference is for YOU...

You just don't know what is fully possible...
...until you come to this event!

The Conference Game Plan

What is better: White Hat or Black Hat...?

As the name "White Hat Vs. Black Hat" suggests, the conference will be a panel style conference where a White Hat and Black Hat present their view / take on a common SEO problem, like:

Link Building
Content Generation
Niche Research
Social Signals
User Signals


The White Hat and Black Hat will present their views on how to tackle these problems from their perspective.

YOU get to watch, take notes, and compare the Pro's and Cons of the two methodologies to see which school of thought is better for you.

After each presentation will be a panel Q&A fielding questions from the audience!

And at the end of each day every speaker will be on stage to debate, discuss, brainstorm, fix your SEO issues and BLOW your mind with knowledge and new tricks, tips, and tactics.

We have Black Hat SEOs so good, that you have likely never heard of them!

These guys don't do conferences, they don't have courses, some are making millions (yes, I said millions) doing high-level hacker black hat stuff!
(Oh and did we mention the BEST presenter gets $5,000? Nothing like a prize to make SEOs dance through hoops!!! ;p )

Josh Bachynski

The Whitest of The White ;p

Josh Bachynski is an (in)famous SEO, Digital Marketer & Brander with over 20 years experience, with many contacts in both the black hat and white hat spheres including Googler John Mueller, and ex-Googlers Maile Ohye and Matt Cutts. Josh has a TEDx presentation called "the Future of Google Search and Ethics" he did in 2015 in Northern Ireland. Josh is the author and co-host of the White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Show!, and also is the writer, producer, and host of a documentary about SEO and Google called "Don't Be Evil: Google's Secret War" to be released later this year.

Aside from hosting the conference and Mastermind group Josh will be jumping in with his ENCYCLOPEDIC knowledge of SEO from 20 years GOOGLE INSIDER experience, single variable experiments (PROVING certain SEO FACTORS), and DIRECT private Google leaks! (Yes, I said direct, private, Google, leaks)

Holly “Greeny” Starks

Industrial Strength Black Hat

<-------- (Yes, THIS demure young lady) One of the baddest bad-ass black hats on the planet!

Holly Starks, is a leader in the Video Marketing Industry.

Holly will reveal her SECRETS how to do INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH black hat! She will be showing LIVE EXAMPLES of clickjacking and clickbaiting. You will receive the exact working templates that Holly's uses everyday with this method. (!!!!) She's consistently made $25,000.00 a month using these templates. You will learn start to finish how to set these up!!!!

*** Holy COW! -- Do NOT miss this event! Holly will BLOW your mind ***

Chad Michael Lawson

Black Hat

Chad has been doing SEO since 1998.

Chad will show us automatic LOCAL MASS PAGE sites with “unique” FAQ content to DOMINATE the SERPs for 50 or even hundreds of keywords per page!

Local: Rank in EVERY area of EVERY Town!

Global: Rank HUNDREDS of pages for THOUSANDS of searches!

Ted Kubaitis

The "Grey" Hat

Ted Kubaitis has over 22 years of web development and online marketing experience.

Ted will be showing how he does COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS ON STEROIDS and consistently shocks people with his knowledge gained from his AUTOMATIC SEO Correlation software and how FAST he can determine YOUR best SEO ranking factors in YOUR niche! Plug in ANY keyword and he can tell you the ranking factor in seconds! You seriously WON'T BELIEVE your eyes!

Contact us and ask for your site to be included for the conference!

Chase Reiner

White Hat

Chase is a millennial who thinks getting bio's to people on time is soooooo last year / Gen-X... ;p

Chase will WOW you with his rags to riches story how under a year he used SEO to gain a SIX FIGURE consultancy, mostly revolving around his knowledge of WHITE HAT local techniques! Want to be an SEO / digital marketer? Chase will show you how he did it, including his local seo tactics the WHITE hat way!

Jedediah Hunt

Black Hat

Jedediah Hunt is a gray hat marketer with experience that ranges from spamming classified sites to more traditional affiliate marketing, to full-on white hat agency experience working with Fortune 500 clients, etc.

In this presentation Jed will show YOU how to break down EVERYTHING for effective competitor analysis: a competitor's sites, users, links and more!

Wanna know how to do backlinks?.... Jed will also show how to setup your BEST site structure and your BEST black hat link profiles that sets you up for SUCCESS!

You wanna rank the advanced Black Hat way? Jed will show you how

Derek Booth

White Hat

Born and brought up in Wigan, Lancashire, Derek has specialised in SEO and Internet Marketing for more than 17 years.

Derek will show YOU how to find the GOLDEN SECRET KEYWORDS which go under the radar of most tools! Finding popular phrases is easy. Derek will show how to use a combination of manual search tools with some secret techniques not many know about!

Wanna find the killer niches YOUR competitors don't know about? Derek will show us how!


Black Hat

ERock (Eric) is an SEO with many years experience and notoriety in numerous SEO circles including Dori Friend's group, and SEONitro. ERock has presented at numerous conference including SEO Rockstars, which is where Josh first met him.

ERock will be presenting some of his numerous GOOGLE HACKS he has found that 99% of other SEOs do not know even exist, including his Google Map hack, some Facebook hacks, and some awesome Google auto-suggest hacks!

Get Google Map and autosuggest traffic!

Kyle Roof

White Hat

A regular presenter at the respected SEO Rockstars conference and a well-regarded speaker on SEO, Kyle also runs the Search Intelligence Agency (SIA), a community of over 150 SEO professionals.

Kyle is going to ROCK us with UNBELIEVABLE SEO experiments proving various SEO ranking factors and disproving other long held myths!

NO MORE GUESSING! Stop wasting time and start using the REAL ranking factors!

If you want to be an SEO you simply CANNOT miss this evidence - it will change YOUR SEO strategies!

Dan Petrovich

White Hat

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker. Dan knows and has spoken to numerous google employees many times so Josh considers him a top-tier white hat in all respects.

At this conference Dan will DAZZLE US with his long standing, top-shelf, white hat SEO strategies!

Topic A: Automated White Hat content generation and outreach that doesn't break any of Google's guidelines. Make content and get links automatically in a White Hat way(?)!

Topic B: Data-driven CTR optimisation methodology - get MORE clicks and BOOST your rankings!

Derral Eves

White Hat

*** Special Guest: ***

Derral Eves is a secret but MONSTER YouTube and Video marketing consultant, with a large amount of his background in social media, mobile, and video marketing. He has worked with some of the biggest YouTube channels, brands and businesses in the world. He started his channel to share his passion and knowledge about YouTube with the world. Derral Eves is also one of a few people that is Certified by YouTube for Audience Growth.

Don't believe us? Check out his Youtube channel here:

How can Youtube be used for YOUR business?

Derral will show how he earns $10,000 a day using YouTube ads, views, and Subscribers.

Derral will show us all his tips, tricks and secrets for MAXIMAL Youtube channel growth, marketing power, and how this can be leveraged for any business - check out his views!

He can show YOU how to get that too!

Christopher Bottomley

Black Hat

*** Special Guest: ***

Christopher is a secret high level spammer, probably one of the highest Holly knows. Christopher lives in VietNam with his beautiful wife and they are expecting a baby!

Holly and Christopher have worked together for several years. Christopher will not only show YOU how he manages 1500 facebook accounts daily, how he manages many hundred facebook accounts daily.

But also Chris will ALSO show how he clears $10,000.00 a month in adsense alone from Facebook traffic.

Also Josh and Holly will be throwing in their own knowledge in the Q&As, some special surprises... And much, much more!

Wouldn't you like to learn their secrets?

This event will NOT be recorded.

This way SEOs will have no reservations about talking frankly about what SEO and marketing is working, and share insider knowledge about where google is going

If you don't come to this event you will lose out − the tactics here will never likely be discussed in the open again!

Some of these white hats have direct ties to Google, and numerous leaks generated from personal relationships with google employees!

Some of these black hats are such hackers they cannot legally enter the United States lol ;p (or that is the rumor − that's why we are holding it in Canada)

Wouldn't you like to hear their stories of how they best the Big Boys (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)?

(And you can too!)

Wouldn't you like to be friendly with and have someone like that in your rolodex? (note: who owns a rolodex anymore?... I donno... but you get what I mean ;p )

When someone is Negative SEOing you, you'd better have the best white hats with connections to Google, and or, the best black hat hackers who can destroy your enemies, on your phone.

Why have I never heard of some of these guys?

Because they are not "conference guys". They make too much money and, quite frankly, typically don't want to share those secrets. they are really only coming because of josh and holly's influence (and, well, maybe the $5k prize!)

Why is that actually VERY good?

because you will learn something new! and possibly GAME CHANGING, you will network with really SMART people and gain very USEFUL and DIFFERENT information. (not the standard SEO shit)

Your horizons on both white hat and black hat ends should totally open up (or at least on one end), opening new possibilities for you.

All the other conferences have the same presenters and talk about the same boring stuff... we don't! :-) ...

So you wanna' party?

Our location, Victoria BC Canada, is renowned for its hospitality and tourism. You can hike, go whale watching, hit the same kind of night spots you would find in Vegas, partake of the local herbal culture! And more! Josh your personal tour guide is ready to show you his town! Most of the good spots are within walking distance from your hotel!

Come and stay a few days early or later (Saturday night we are going to see the Mayweather v McGregor Fight!), you will not believe how gorgeous Victoria is! How scrumptious the food is, or how nice the nightlife!

It is the best kept secret jewel of Canada.. if not North America!

One time only

This conference is a one time only event. Josh and Holly have lives and putting this thing on takes time!

SO there are no promises this event will ever happen again.

Likely it won't.

Often white hat conferences ONLY have the same white hat people. And general Black Hat conferences... well they don't really exist!

You will NEVER get another chance to network at this level, learn at this level, or with these different and unique presenters and conference attendees.

The information and stories coming out of this conference and mastermind group, should be so mind numbingly exploding, that you might not even get the full value till you go home, email some of the folks you meet here, and talk more and see what craziness is truly possible now that your horizons have just been totally altered!

The Master of all Masterminds!

For one night only before the conference Josh and Holly are putting on the master of all masters mind events with a round robin "solve your SEO issue / propel you to the next level" SEO mastermind meeting!

You will get to sit, have dinner, and discuss SEO with all of the presenters.

Ask YOUR questions. And GET answers!

This experience is easily something a top-level white hat guru like Josh would charge $5000 for... and you get to ask (not only Josh) but ALL of the top-level gurus at the mastermind event!

This event will never be repeated. The knowledge and experience and variety of solutions you will experience directly in this environment will change you from an SEO newbie to an SEO pro in one night!

As I said, you just don't know what magic is possible until you come to this event... You will be amazed with the variety and depth of solutions we can come up for you in this meeting!

Should YOU go to White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Symposium?